Landlords from October 1st 2018, two significant changes are being made to houses in multiple occupancy HMOs are licensable and the minimum room sizes in England. Currently a property requires an HMO licence if all following apply to the property;

  • The property is a HMO if the occupants in the property are individuals and not related to each other
  • The property is occupied by five or more individuals and
  • The property has three or more storeys

From October 1st the three storeys element is being removed meaning that any property being occupied by five or more individuals who are comprising of two or more households will be classed as an HMO and will require a licence. The licence must be applied for before 1st October to lawfully continue renting out the property.

In addition, the Department for Communities and Local Government has announced there will be minimum rooms sizes for all HMOs that are let privately. For one person over the age of ten the floor area in any room to be used as sleeping accommodation for one person must be no less than 6.51 square metres and the rooms used as sleeping accommodations for two persons over the age of ten the floor area to be no less than 10.22 square metres. For children under ten their bedroom floor area in an HMO should be no less than 4.64 square metres.

For more information on HMOs including guidance on defining an HMO contact us today or click here.

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